Wednesday, September 28, 2011

After our visitors left…Venice

Taking children to Venice is very interesting.  Children don’t really understand that there are no roads or cars in Venice until they see it for themselves.  Levi was so amazed that the only transport in Venice was “really, truly” only boats that it was quite comical.  Phoenix was really happy and loved that the only way to get around was via boat, his happiness soon ended when he realised we would be walking more than travelling on boats.

The water buses are quite expensive, It cost around $200 AUD for 3 days of water bus tickets for the 4 of us.  We did buy the tickets but probably did not take enough advantage of the water buses.  They were very crowded whenever we hopped on one and we felt like we were missing out on seeing parts of Venice you could easily do on foot.

P8100082 P8100150

Another thing that happens to you (as a parent) is that while walking along the canals you are constantly telling your children to move away from the edge of the footpath.  I have 2 very curious boys and have found them in fountains before so I was very conscious of keeping them out of the canal water.


Just an example of what the footpaths are like and how there are no railings along the edge, so please be wary of this when taking the kids to Venice.


We found out that there was a beach the boys could swim at a short boat ride away.  Lido is an island with free and private beaches on it, you can also hire bicycles to ride on the island (another great thing to enjoy with the kids).

 P8110270The boys in the water at the beach, just before they got stung by a jellyfish.  It was not a very bad sting, there was not screaming or crying.  I don’t even think it left much of a mark, and the boys got back into the water after without fear.

So there are many activities you can enjoy in Venice with your children depending on the season.  Children are free most of the time to enter galleries and museums, but the Italians do not sensor anything so please do not be surprised if you walk into something you need to explain to your children (let’s just say we had a lot of explaining to do one day).

One more photo, this one is from the St Marks Bell Tower at night of the cars coming and going from Venice.  That road over the water is the only way to get to Venice via car or train.


babies and weddings…

wow, it has been a long time between posts.  Sorry about that everyone.

Actually this post comes at a very exciting time.  In my last post I mentioned Mark and Rachel had visited us in Florence.  Well this weekend Mark and Rachel are getting married and recently they welcomed little Hunter Daniel into their beautiful family.