List of Prices for miscellaneous things in Europe

Transport in Europe

all prices are in Euros per adult one way, children are generally 1/2 price

Some Italian words for public transport you may want to remember:
Biglietto - ticket
Biglietteria - ticket office
Treno - train
Autobus - bus
Adulti - adult
Ragazzi - children
Binari - platform
Uscita - exit (this one is good to know, believe me.)

Taxi this link will take you to the English page.
From Florence Airport to the city centre 20,00-25,00 (Hint: ask the driver what it will cost before hopping in)

Bus is from 1,20 per trip valid for 90 minutes (once you validate the ticket on the bus it is good for a 90 minute trip).  Buy bus tickets from the Tabaccheri (shops with a T on the sign out front).  Some parking meters sell bus tickets too.

Train this link will take you to the English page.
Trips on the train within the cities are from 1,20
Trips to other cities and towns :
As we were based in Florence, this is where all departures are from.
Florence to Pisa from 5,80
Florence to Rome from 21,20
Florence to Venice from 36,00
Florence to Asti from 30,30
Florence to Via Reggio (beach) from 7,30
Florence to Riomaggiore (Cinque Terre) from 11,60
(Hint: Do not forget to validate your ticket before getting on the train, they will fine you 20-40 euros for not validating your ticket.  General rule for validating tickets is that if the ticket does not have reserved seats numbers on it you MUST validate it in the Yellow Boxes at the station.  2nd class carriages have the number 2 on them, quite often you will find the carriage number sticky taped to the window in the train door.  Seat numbers are on the windows of each cabin.)

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