Monday, July 25, 2011

Some unexpected visitors… Italy part 5

While we were in Viareggio we got a phone call from Iain’s cousin Mark saying that He and his fiancée were standing in front of our Florence apartment.  After a little confusion and a short drive we discovered it hadn’t been our apartment but another across town.  Mark and Rachel decided to join us in Viareggio then head back to Florence with our keys to the apartment to wash some clothes. They were travelling Europe in a large van.
Camping in Europe can save you money.  You can stay in camping grounds just outside of the major cities and use the trains and buses nearby, this is good if you are driving around Europe.  Many campgrounds also have cabins and caravans for rent.
We decided to show Mark and Rachel our favourite spots in Florence.  Iain was excited to have someone to share a beer with and I was glad to have another female to talk to.  Iain and Mark tried about 20 different beers together because beer is about $1.50 AUD in Florence.  We really enjoyed having some familiar faces and accents with us for a few days.
When travelling around Europe don’t be afraid to talk to other tourists, quite often you may find you are from the same country perhaps even the same city. And if they have children with them the kids can play and have fun together.  We often met British travellers with children on our outings and spent time comparing notes and letting the kids play football or Nintendo ds games.  It is great if you get to have time with others doing the same as you and sharing places you may not have been to yet.
More tips and tricks for travelling in Europe with kids coming soon…

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