Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Everyday living in Italy

So far we have worked out that we use about 500euros a week on food, transport, internet, dvds, postcards/stamps, tours/tickets to see things and the all important rent.
On a good week we only spend 300euros (after paying for our rent). A good week consists of:
  • Groceries
  • Transport (bus/train)
  • A visit to a church or 2 or 3 (some a free :-)
  • Postcards (11 for 3euro)
  • Stamps (1euro each postcard)
  • Gelati and Cafe visits twice a week

So a good week doesn't mean no FUN!!! Just taking advantage of all the free activities you can do around Italy.

If we go to another city during the week and spend 3-5 days there we generally try to get an apartment with a kitchen so that we can buy groceries there and cook dinner and have breakfast in the apartment. In saying that we then spend on pastries anc lunch, for instance today in Venice we went to Lido an island with beaches and had calamari and chips (it was gross :-( ) then we went to an art gallery (modern and a bit R rated for the kids):

  • lunch 11 euro
  • gallery 30euro (2 tickets) kids free
  • 3 cappuccino, a slice of yummy cake and a choc croissant 9.50euros (CHEAP) in the gallery
  • we pick up some very nice sandwiches with fluffy white (glue)bread 1.50euro each
  • Iain and I climbed the Bell Tower in St Marks Square 16euros

So today we spent 70euros, not too bad I think for a family of 4 in Venice.

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