Saturday, July 31, 2010

Viareggio trip costs...

Just a quick and very messy run down on what things cost in Viareggio:

18euro a day for an umbrella and 2 deck chairs
10euro a day for a lie down chair
10 euro a day to drop your towel on the beach and lie on it.
There are free beaches on the other side of the canal. You walk between buildings to get to them and there are no lifeguards.
7.50 euro per kg of pizza in a pizzeria on the promenade
Gelato from 1.50 euro in a small cup or 1 scoop in a cone (this is plenty especially for the kids)
Beer from 2euro a bottle (you can walk the streets with it)
Shoes from 4.50 euros to 800euros (designer)
Clothes from 2 euros
Underwear from 1.50euro (like Bras & Things shop)
Bottle soft drink from 2 euro
1 L bottle of water from 1.50euro
Ask to use the toilet in the bars/cafes/restaurants sometimes they are free and sometimes they charge 50c or whatever change you want to give.
Fish and chips from a boat - 1 box of mixed fried fish (calamari, prawns, octopus) 7 euro, chips 1.50 euro. This was the best food, amazingly we loved the deep fried crumbed octopus (tasted just like calamari).
Pasta with tomatoes, salmon, cheese is from 4.50euros. Salad is huge and is from about 6 euros (I recommend getting a salad, a pizza or 2 and some French fries for family of 4 then there is something fresh in the mix).
Bring big beach towels to lie on the sand is too hot to be hanging off the ends.
Close your eyes and pretend to be sleeping when a “gypsy” comes past to sell you something or ask if you want a foot massage (they generally leave you alone then).
Be prepared to do a bit of walking along the promenade to check out what is available.
There is a cruise from Viareggio around the islands and to Cinque Terre from 30euros for adults and 15 euro for kids (I recommend this if you don’t have the time to travel to Cinque Terre any other time).
There is whale watching and dolphin watching cruises from here too.
Things to beware of at Viareggio:
The jellyfish in the water, they are big and you will see them but if you don’t they sting (like a bluebottle in Australia)
Gypsies- just say no and keep on saying no if you don’t want anything from them. If you do buy something from them and you need change from them make sure they give you the change first before you give them the money.

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