Monday, July 19, 2010

The first week of Florence so far...15/7 - 21/7

When we landed in Florence we realised we had forgotten to get some euros before leaving London so we searched the airport for an atm. We needed cash for the taxi (25euros) and for one months rent. The atm did not work ...Aaarrgghh. The only option we had was the exchange and this cost us dearly, we withdrew 1000 euros from our cash passport and were charged 179 euros commission...OUCH!!! Well you live and you learn and you try not to do it again.
When we arrived at the apartment we settled the account for rent 650euros for the month because we had sent 100euro deposit. The landlady took Iain around to the meters and they wrote down the amounts for gas, water and electricity (this will be paid at the end of our stay).

So far we have spent-
110euros on groceries (we expected to spend 150euros a week, so not bad so far).
37euros on sight seeing
60euros on miscellaneous (gelati, lunch out, mobile credit recharge)

Yesterday 19/7 when we went to the Giardino di Boboli we saw some foccacia sandwiches for 3 euros each and decided to get some and 4 x 500ml cokes. The cokes cost the same as the sandwiches - 26 euros.
Iain went to the Coop (grocery store) and spent the same amount of euros on a few days worth of food. So from now on we take our own coke and snacks in a cooler bag if we are spending the whole day out.

So far we have used 920 euros for the first week in Florence. $1340 Aud ($950 of this was 1 months rent). So we won't spend this amount in a week again until the rent is due mid August. Unless we do some serious damage in the Sales they have here....OMG!!!

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  1. That is usually the best. Center charges massively. We do that too.