Sunday, July 25, 2010

25 July 2010-Blew the budget just a little :-)

We went out looking for an english church to attend this morning and found a lovely cafe in the SS Anunziata Square and couldn't resist having our first macchiato in a cafe(can you believe that we held out?).
So we got 2 small gelati (equals sml in Aust), 2 macchiatos and a custard/choc filled croissant for 6.60 euros (AUD $9.50)
We walked around the expensive part of town near Ponte Vecchio and then headed back to the apartment. When Iain saw this camera shop we have passed many times and decided to go in and see what the camera he wanted cost. I thought "ok it is his birthday this week so we will let him get what he wants" (shock horror).
He went in and asked about the Olympus SP800UZ (blah blah blah) it was only 299euro (AUD $430) total bargain because it was $600 in Australia. We also get the duty tax back when we arrive back in Australia.
We also brought a little Ferrarri something for a cousins new baby (Iain could not resist). 15euros.
Almost back to the apartment and we decide to let the boys have pizza for lunch and a drink to share. The shop we stopped at was really close to the main train station and a slice of pizza ended up being big enough for 2 so for 2 slices all 4 of us had lunch and shared a bottle of red orange juice (succo arancia rosso). We also got to sit at one of the tables (you normally pay for this) All 4 of us had lunch for 10euro (AUD$14).
So today was a bit of a spending day, although apart from the camera we didn't do too bad. :-)

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