Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some interesting facts about travelling on trains in Italy

On Tuesday we took our first train trip in Europe. We found tickets at the tabaccheri and found the platform to leave from.
We then worked out that 2nd class was in the carriages marked with a 2. 2nd class is normal train chairs and overhead storage rack, it is air conditioned too.
While on the train we read theback of our tickets... needed to be validated somewhere, where we didn't know. So we figured we would just wait for the ticket person to come around and we would explain our situation.
Well she did come around and our 22euro for 4 turned into 42euro, we got charged 5euro each for not having the tickets validated. It could have been worse, it could have been 40euros , but she understood that we had no idea where to validate our tickets.
She showed us a picture of one, it is a tiny yellow box hanging on columns in the station, well even if we had seen them we wouldn't have known what they were (literally they look like sharps boxes).
anyway need to get ready for the day out at the beach, will continue this fascinating story soon.
Continuing on...
Our return tickets from Viareggio to Florence ended up being 2euro cheaper and I validated it like a good little girl. :-)
The train was also a lot more comfortable.

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  1. We've booked and paid for our train travel in October, just Venice-Florence-Rome, Maleena, but I am now following your exploits with personal investment! Ciao right back to you!