Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I guess I should tell you what our budget is...

Well to start off our budget for 3 months in Italy including all airfares, accomodation, passports, travel insurance, luggage, taxis, transport, souvenirs, food, utilities, international drivers licence and everything else needed for travelling overseas is $20,000.
Most couples spend $20,000 on a 2-4 week tour of Europe so we plan on stretching it to 3 months.
First things first you really need to be flexible on when you can go, so that when you find extremely cheap airfares you can book them. By buying Air Asia tickets when they were having a sale we saved thousands all up our tickets from the Gold Coast to London return were $1100 each including all taxes. From there we paid for cheap local flights with Meridiana, Ryanair and Easy Jet. If you do not want to go as cheap as Air Asia most of the time you can get a flight to London Return from Brisbane from about $1800 + taxes.
So our airfares have taken up a quarter of our budget ( I did freak out at this, but have done my sums over and over again and everything should work out alright).
Next post will be on the accomodation and also whether it was a good idea flying Air Asia :-).


  1. This is very interesting..>cant wait to read more

  2. Hey guys...guess what? You were on the same flight as my parents Air Asia out of GC on Sunday am. How funny:) They are in London now too before a tour in Europe. Small world. Looking forward to following you and your $20 000 adventure. You're right...there's lots of free things to do. But fish n chips in England are not cheap! We ate heaps of banana sandwiches in europe to cut costs and walked a lot:)