Friday, July 9, 2010

$900 = 500pounds :-(

So we went and exchanged $900 for 500pounds. At least I don't plan on shopping in London Town. Our plan is to see everything that is free ie. all churches that start with St. most of them have towers that you can climb and see views from or so I have been told, Buckingham Palace is free from the outside (however this is something I will be paying for), You can see the Tower of London and London Bridge and Big Ben and we will take a short walk along the Thames.
We will more than likely pay to go on the London Eye = 57pounds for a family of 4.
How much is fish and chips??? Hopefully not too expensive.
I will let you all know.
The bus from Stansted to Gatwick is 87.90pounds for family of 4 and 9 pounds for the shuttle to our hotel from there. It may have been a mistake to stay so far out of the city (we'll see).
Oh can anyone tell me how to use the british pounds sign??

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