Friday, October 29, 2010

Some Ideas when taking children to the Louvre

I am putting together a few ideas on how to get the kids interested in visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris. The Louvre is normally one of the highest things to do on an adults list but the kids probably haven't even heard of it. If you tell them it is an Art Gallery they definitely turn their noses up at it. But it is more than an Art Gallery it is a Museum with artefacts from all over the world on display.
If you go to the official Louvre Museum website you will find Dominic Vivan Denon . He takes children on an animated tour of the Louvre and gives them information for every part of the museum. My 7 year old Phoenix learned about a few pieces on display in the Egyptian exhibition. Phoenix was interested and well behaved through out the Egyptian exhibition. So if your children are around 10 years old like my eldest Levi, then they can probably sit and learn alot about the museum from Dominic. Then they will be telling you about the different exhibitions.

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