Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Groceries in Italy

Our usual grocery list and costs in Florence and other Italian cities

Rice (long grain) 3.10 2kg bag
Chicken in parts 3.95/kg
Natural yogurt 0.55 500ml
Chocolate block 0.74
Potatoes (washed) 0.89c /kg
10 eggs (no dozen) 0.95
1lt milk 0.65
Tin tuna (160g) 0.51
Potato chips (big bag)0.82
1 lemon 0.37
Brie 200g 1.55
10 chuppachups 1.14
Bread(like ours) 1.90
Nescafe Gold 100g 3.14
Edam cheese 5.40 kg
Cucumbers 0.95 kg

These are just a few of the things we buy regularly.

Long grain rice is not popular here so it is more expensive than Arborio.
Also instant coffee is more expensive than machine coffee.
It is cheaper to buy pork products.
When you buy fish, you buy the whole fish to scale and fillet yourself, it is less expensive. We have stuck to tins of tuna for our omega 3s.
Vegetables are inexpensive as are fruits in season.

You will not find cheddar cheese in blocks here only (plastic cheese), it is cheaper to buy pecorino or edam, both taste good.

Shampoo/ soap/ moisturiser is the same here, you can buy big brand or homebrand.
Sunscreen is more expensive, but we have not used it much, don’t seem to get burned like at Australia.

Basically when it comes to grocery shopping in Italy, just try a few different things if you can’t find your favourites, you will find something you like. Also you pay per plastic bag here too, so better to purchase some shopping bags and a trolley to save money.

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