Friday, September 24, 2010

Jardin de Plantes- Menagerie (the zoo)

Paris 7 September 2010

Today we met with Massimo, Annalisa, Irini and Andreas (our neighbours in Florence) at the Menagerie. It was fun for our first time in Paris to work out how to use the Metro on the day of the strike. The trains were so crowded we were so squashed that I almost passed out. They were running less trains because of the strike.
Anyway back to our day with Massimo and family at the zoo. Jardin de Plantes is an amazing park in Paris, it is huge and very green with lovely crushed granite paths and overhanging canopies. It reminds me of photos I have seen of Central Park in New York. There are museums in the park and a menagerie (zoo). We found Massimo at the café just inside the zoo, we ate crepes with sugar and had coffee before exploring the zoo.
The first animals we saw were emus and jack rabbits together in an enclosure. We saw wallabies and other Australian animals, it was quite funny seeing those animals in the middle of Paris. We spent a few hours in the zoo then Massimo and family invited us back to their apartment in the Latin Quarter.
The Latin Quarter is a more upper class residential area than Blanche where we are staying and very quiet. After some tea and cake with Massimo and Annalisa we left to catch the metro back to our apartment. We walked to St Michel metro (oh before I forget, the metro is underground and most stations are located by finding Metropolitan written above a set of stairs, we called them a ‘hole”) so after finding the St Michel hole in the ground we hopped on a very crowded train, just fitting in the door, then changing at Stalingrad and hopping on another train to Blanche. Dinner tonight was kebab sandwiches, yummo!!!

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