Friday, September 24, 2010

Ooh La La...Paris is beautiful!

Paris 6 September 2010

We arrive in Beauvais Airport about 70 minutes out of Paris at about 930pm on Monday night, it was a late flight and then we had to get the baggage as well. Then we had to go and catch a bus to Paris (Porte Maillot) then find a taxi in the rain of all things with a whinging, crying, tired 7 year old. After waiting in the rain for 10 minutes a taxi finally stopped and we were on our way (easy with an English speaking taxi driver). We had stop at an ATM to get some money out for the owner of the apartment because we had forgot to at Pisa Airport.
When we arrived on our street it was a big surprise to see sex shop after sex shop, pole dancing places and girls girls girls signs everywhere. “Close your eyes boys!”. I was however trying not to giggle like a little girl for the whole drive. Suddenly we stopped right out front of a girlie show theatre and the taxi driver said “here it is”. Just 2 shops back was a dark blue door with the number 54 on it…cringe.
Oh well out we got and I sent a text message to the owner telling him we had arrived and to please come and open the door for us. Guillame met us at the door after we waited 5 minutes watching a lady try to entice men into the theatre, it is quite hilarious when the guys blush.
We went into the blue door and up a corridor to another door with another code, in that door and up 6 flights of stairs to the 3rd floor. To my surprise the apartment was very quiet thanks to the double glazed windows front and back. We got all the necessary information from Guillame for the metro, codes for doors and where the supermarket was. We went to bed to the quiet rumble of the metro every now and then.

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